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Most of my work is created by using ambient light. That means that I carefully make use of the light that already defines your spaces, with the goal of creating images that have authenticity and respect the effort you made in giving your places and spaces differentiation - specifically not overworking them with lighting and losing them to a sea of ubiquitous look-a-like imagery. The slightly longer answer is all about how we all make subliminal judgements about what we see and their consequent value to the viewer and your business. To know more drop us an email and we will be happy to send a brief explanation of a simplified workflow and the reasoning behind this approach.

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Between shoots you will find me in London or Dubai and can travel to anywhere (and lightly). Whatever your project; if you are keen on taking a fresh approach then let’s talk:) Send a mail below or call me in London on +44 7835 369 521 or Dubai on +971 50 644 2315.

I am currently in: Dubai.